Our mission

To obtain horticultural products that have higher nutritional value and improved organoleptic properties in greenhouses and vertical farms, than those produced in the field. This allows for less use of water and nutrients, no pesticides, use of lighting that reproduces optimal photobiological periods and low energy consumption.

Algorithms and recipes for soilless production of vegetables in aeroponic greenhouses

In soilless cultivation SMARTFarming5.0 actively monitors and checks all environmental variables, such as light, temperature, humidity, enrichment and ventilation according to the type and growth phase of the product, thereby optimizing production in terms of time and quality.

Airfloating has been adopted as the type of cultivation. This system, trade marked by Edo Radici Felici, and scientifically validated by research institutes, gives organic development of crops and tailor-made products with a 95% reduction in consumption of water and nutrients, soilless production and complete absence of pesticides and heavy metals.
The same technique can be used for leafy and fruiting plants, and the technology can be used both indoor and in vertical farming.