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Technophylla designs and supplies agriculture 5.0 solutions to the agribusiness sector. SMARTFarming5.0 is the IoT solution for planning, monitoring and controlling productive assets and for guaranteeing the traceability of products throughout the food supply chain.

The cloud driven edge computing architecture allows precision farming in open fields and in soilless cultivations.

SMARTFarming5.0 is available in an indoor version for greenhouses and vertical farms and an outdoor version for agricultural machines. It’s use guarantees access to the tax benefits under the Italian Government Plans Transizione 4.0 and 5.0.


greenhouses and vertical farms

Plans activities and gives real time production status updates.

Monitors climatic conditions to enable crops to thrive.

Develops systems of control and adjustment to enable traceability of production lots throughout the supply chain.

Takes stock of production times and materials used.

Sends warning alarms to operators, even remotely.

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farming machinery

Collates data in the field and with on-board calculations elaborates ready-to-use information for precision farming.

Develops systems of control and adjustment for an efficient use of farming equipment.

Monitors and traces activities in the field.

Controls the performance of equipment and avoids downtime through efficient management.

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